by Brian W. Kelly


The Big Toxic School is a brand new book about Wilkes-Barre Area School Districts tale of corruption, deception, taxation & tyranny. When Coughlin, GAR &Meyers are bulldozed to the ground and the rats take over as the primary residents of the former WB communities, it will be too late. It is definitely not too late now. This book, released on August 12, 2020. tells you what can be done right now.

Wilkes-Barre High School was founded in 1890. My father graduated from Coughlin High School in 1933, just eight years after WB High was renamed when GAR opened. My cousins from Parsons also graduated from Coughlin. My wife and her family graduated from GAR. My brothers and a sister and I graduated from Meyers. We have many great memories and we got a great education. Some may recall that Meyers once had two tile pools and two gymnasiums and a ton of shop rooms before the Vo-Tech. It is a beautiful school built for the ages. 

Like many others, Wilkes-Barre Meyers did me quite well. Currently I spend my time writing books with 216, mostly non-fiction books to my credit. My 203rd book titled The Big Toxic School is why I am here tonight. I wish there were another reason. The book is available for download for free. It depicts the public’s struggle for safe, enduring neighborhood schools. It cautions right on the cover:  We can’t wait until there are no WB high schools and the tax burden is unsustainable.   

Every community in the Wilkes-Barre Area will suffer because of this current school board from overwhelming taxes to major health issues. Over the objections of students, parents, and residents, the board began to build a huge Taj Mahal school in Plains Township. They built it right on top of toxic mine waste and polluted water runoffs. A smarter board would have used city craftsmen and artisans to renovate instead of replacing solidly built existing high schools. Wilkes-Barre City will become a wasteland when the three high schools are bulldozed for no good reason. Meanwhile the kids attending Mine Shaft High will pay the price with their health.

The information in this book gives insights on our last chance to end this abomination before it is too late.