Tony George and Frank Sorick will be duking it out publicly in a few weeks and the people of Wilkes-Barre will be the beneficiaries as long as the fight is clean. Both are upstanding men so I would expect that there will be no under the belt jabs and both candidates will fight the good fight so the people can see what they are all about.  


Brian Kelly, who was a candidate in the Democratic primary, told our reporters that the reason candidates have to spend so much money on a campaign is because there are no public forums provided in which they can just show up and say what they think about the issues and have somebody record it so that everybody in Wilkes-Barre can later tune in to the discussion. Consequently, the guy with the biggest billboard or the most billboards or the most TV or radio or print ads wins because that is how people get the small amount of information that is available about candidates. 

For the general phase of the mayoral election on November 3, 2015, has changed all that.

It begins with a questionnaire that all citizens of this great city should want answered by both candidates. So far, Frank Sorick has agreed to fill out the questionnaire and more than likely Tony George will be submitting his responses also.

check out regularly for information about the campaign and to see the responses from the candidates as well as any follow-ups.