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Date:               April 28, 2015
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Eight Year Old Patriot Typifies Those Who Will Return Wilkes-Barre to Glory

Nobody will tell anybody that it is an easy task to run for any office, especially for the chief executive position in a city such as Wilkes-Barre, PA.  There are some very bright sides, however to the run, and one of mine came a week or so ago. I sent a note similar to this as a letter to the editor to both papers the day it happened but they have yet to print any of my letters during the mayoral campaign.  Hopefully, somebody in the media will help me find this young man so I can give him the book I promised. Here is the story that brightened my smile on this particular Sunday in April.

On the seventh of my twenty-five Soapbox Speeches in the Park--this one at the Flood / Madison Park on the first base side of a little league that was just getting in shape for the season, I met a young man with destiny written on his shoulders. Neither the US nor PA, nor WB City should have any fears at all if all citizens of the future have the moxie of this eight year old.

Can you imagine anybody standing through an eight minute speech by an unknown that hit the major points of a political campaign, and then patiently waiting until the end to ask questions?  Whether a teenager or an adult, the issues of a violent crime-free city; an affordable city; and a clean city are spiritual issues for those longing for a city with such attributes.

How could anybody patiently wait without interrupting to get in their heart-felt questions in this time of peril in our City? Then ask yourself if it were possible that the most patient person in the "ball park," could be an eight year old boy with big eyes and bigger than adult-level questions about the future of his city?

To say the least, I was impressed. One of the questions the young man asked was about a dog and the issues this rescued stray was having now that he was found and being nurtured. Many know about this public incident but this was a question from an eight year old. Besides other questions about crime and survival in Wilkes-Barre, he also asked a question about my new book, Wilkes-Barre, PA: Return to Glory. For each question, he took his turn among adults properly in the question line. 

I promised this young man a copy of my book. I believe his name is Conrad and from the North End neighborhood by Madison Street. I suspect he is a student at the Flood Elementary School. His demeanor was adult-like if not more-so, and very gracious. At the end of my speech, after the questions, I was hustling to get the soapbox et al into my SUV so I could get to my next speech at Scouton-Lee by Espy St. Along with the others, this young man left without fanfare with his Aunt, knowing he was promised a book; knowing he had not received it. I can still see him waving good-by to me. I wish I could have that moment back.

I have his book copy right here with me. I want to get it to him. I would ask the Times Leader or the Citizens Voice, or the Independent Gazette, or the sound and video media to give a number that this young man can call. I promise for sure to drop off a book for him at any spot I am told-- even the Flood Elementary School or at his home, or wherever.

I know he will be a future American hero regardless of what happens regarding the book, I just want him to think that people who promise things will deliver them.